Communicate Outside The Box


What is it?

Our voicemail system will play a recorded greeting to your caller and take a message recording. That message will then be emailed to the nominated email address as a .wav file.

Setting Up

Once you add a new Voicemail service you can create and upload a sound file to be used for the greeting or you can dial in to one of our state based Voicemail Admin dial in numbers to record your greeting over the phone.

When creating a voicemail service you need to nominate the email address that you want the voicemail messages to be sent to.

Using the Voicemail

You need to have a 1300 or 1800 number setup. When you create a new voicemail the system will allocate a unique number (vmxxxxxxxx) which you can use as an answer point in the management of the 1300 number.

Messages will be recorded as .wav files and sent to the nominated email address.


There is no charge for using a voicemail service with a 1300 number or 1800 number. Calls that are taken in a voicemail are charged at the local call rate.

If you use the voicemail service with a standard geographic number in the normal course of business, making and receiving calls with our voip platform, there is no cost for the service or receiving calls.

If you use the voicemail service with a standard geographic number as a stand alone service and don't have any outgoing voip traffic on your account, the cost is $5.50 per month which includes the number plus 100 minutes of calls. Excess minutes are charged at 5.5c per minute.