Communicate Outside The Box


What is it?

An IVR is an Interactive Voice Response that plays a recorded greeting to the caller followed by a set of instructions allowing the caller different keypress options which will generally route the call to different departments in the business.

Setting Up

Once you add a new IVR service you can create and upload sound files to be used for the Initial Greeting, Instruction, Timeout and Bad Keypress sounds to be played to the caller.

Then you need to set the keypress options so that calls are routed to the location required for the appropriate keypress.

Using the IVR

You need to have a 1300 or 1800 number setup. At the management of the 1300/1800 number there is an option to change the profile type to IVR after which you simply select the IVR you wish to use and the system will play the voice prompts to the caller and route calls according to your settings.


There is no charge for using an IVR service with a 1300 number. Calls that stay in the IVR and are not routed out are charged at the local call rate. Calls routed out from the iVR are charged according to the normal rates that would apply if the call was routed directly.