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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Hosted PBX.

No, there is no contract. You can cancel or port away any time with no penalty. Naturally we want you to stay, please talk to us if you have any problems.
Yes, unless you choose to let it expire then it will be put into quarantine for 6 months and recycled, otherwise the number is yours and you can port it away if you want to.
Once you have an account setup and you are logged in you can go to 'Add New’ in the 'Services' section of 'My Account' and choose a new number and it will be allocated to your account instantly. Then when the number is added you can manage the routing.
No your credit never expires.
No, there is no setup fee.
No, there is no cancellation fee or any other charges other than those outlined on the website. No hidden charges, guaranteed.
Yes, just be sure to use the full Australian international dialing format. Eg; 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number
Yes you can, we can port 1300 and 1800 numbers in from any provider.
Incoming callers will hear an RVARecorded Voice Announcement notifying them that the call cannot be completed. If your account remains without credit for 7 days the RVA will change to a ”number is disconnected’ message. After 30 days the number will be quarantined and recycled.
Yes, please send an email to requesting cancellation and a refund of any remaining credit balance as per our Terms and Conditions
Yes. We are able to bring calls off the carrier network and into our IP network if required. Then we are able to route the calls into VoIP accounts or direct to an IP address where an IP PBX is hosted.